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Melissa Case-Merritt with Final Touch - expert in business communication and civility training.

Melissa Case-Merritt, J.D., CFN

Civility is the cornerstone. Social skills are the tools. Brain science is the method.

Melissa delivers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility. She is passionate about helping people transform their communication, collaboration, and relationship-building techniques with science-backed tools.

Melissa specializes in interpersonal dynamics, crafting curriculum that translates well-researched insights from behavioral science to practical strategies that help her clients strengthen their relationships and increase their effectiveness. Why? Because all business is done between people, and people do business with those they knowlike, and trust.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa’s fascination with communication and connection began early. She was a three-time state champion in speech and debate, placed ninth in the nation in high school, and fourth in the nation in college. Out of 93,000 competitors, Melissa was one of only 25 people honored as a National Forensic League All-American in 2001. After graduating magna cum laude with special honors in economics from the University of Puget Sound, Melissa earned a J.D. from the University of Southern California Law School while serving as the University-appointed student teacher for all first-year legal curriculum.

After law school, Melissa joined the Los Angeles office of a prestigious law firm. Her passion for the courtroom was matched only by her love of mentoring young lawyers. Her years in “big law” taught Melissa a profound lesson. Despite years of formal education, critical “soft skills”—engaged listening, crafting clear messages, and powerful first impressions to name a few—were often underdeveloped in her colleagues. While the technical legal skills of her peers were roughly equivalent, excellent social skills largely separated thriving associates from struggling ones.

Melissa’s experiences confirmed a powerful truth: Social skills are either setting the stage for your success or sabotaging your performance.

Interested in understanding the science behind why and how we effectively engage one another, Melissa earned a Certification in the Foundations of Neuroleadership with distinction and joined Final Touch. Leveraging her diverse training and business experience, Melissa brings a fresh, contemporary perspective to the social skills industry. Her experience communicating under pressure and leading high-performance teams in complex environments provides a unique depth of services to her clients. Melissa is an engaging speaker, a dynamic corporate trainer, and an inspiring consultant with nearly 20 years of experience.

Melissa grew up in Seattle. After practicing law in New York and Los Angeles, Melissa moved to Dallas, Texas where she now lives with her husband and their daughters. She loves water sports, legal novels, cheese, and escaping to the ocean.

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