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Develop your dynamic presence! Every woman wants to confidently present the best version of herself, and be a powerful influencer in the office and at home. Do you desire the skills to easily navigate a wide variety of business and social circles, successfully manage awkward or challenging situations, and build healthy, productive, and meaningful relationships? We can help. We offer more than a traditional finishing or charm school. Final Touch provides training in social behavior to help you develop a dynamic presence that enhances your ability to create a genuine, powerful, and approachable impression.

Whether you are tired of feeling like an imposter, facing a major life change, or simply desiring to invest in yourself, increase your competence and credibility in our dynamic courses. We teach on topics ranging from communication, impression management, and branding, to dining etiquette, poise, and crafting an effective wardrobe. In a safe and collaborative environment, acquire practical tools to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

How do I attend? 

If you would like to enroll in one of our public courses for women, please register online. Looking for a customized solution? Please contact us at (206) 510-5357 to explore how Final Touch can support your group with a custom designed course or to engage Final Touch for private consulting.

The Art of Confident Living
The Art of Confident Living
Ladies, do you desire to live more confidently? Enjoy a beautiful weekend away while gaining practical tools at this unique leadership retreat. During three confidence boosting days, master a range of civility, etiquette, and image issues that are guaranteed to polish your presence.

At The Art of Confident Living, you will explore a series of topics in an engaging small group setting that affect every woman both socially and professionally. Topics covered include Business vs. Social Etiquette, the Power of Civility, Creating an Effective First Impression, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication, Technology & Social Media Etiquette, Handling Difficult Situations, Handshaking, Business & Social Card Presentation, Posture & Poise, Advanced Wardrobe Building, the Art of Entertaining, and so much more! Our signature Dining Skills Banquet is a highlight of the retreat. The Banquet is an elaborate four-course dining experience that facilitates personal, hands-on dining etiquette instruction.

Click here to see pictures, video, and learn what women experience at The Art of Confident Living.

Professional Presence: Branded for Success

Professional Presence: Branded for Success

A powerful presence transforms your personal brand. Your presence communicates volumes about you long before your technical skills and talent have an opportunity to be seen. Decades of research confirm that social skills are six times more important than technical skills for job success. Strong social skills equip you to effectively engage, inspire, and lead because you are remembered for all the right reasons. What does your presence—your appearance, behavior, and conversation—say about you? Are you branded for success?

Professional Presence: Branded for Success is a powerful, single day course designed to sharpen your social skills and give you the “soft” edge required for success. Soft skills—just like any other skill—must be learned and practiced. Join a diverse group of men and women seeking practical tools to elevate their presence and transform their personal and professional relationships. Topics covered include Business vs. Social Etiquette, The Power of Civility, Strategic First Impressions, Introductions, Handshaking, Business Card Presentation, Effective Communication, Technology Etiquette, Polished Wardrobes, and so much more! You will also enjoy our signature Dining Skills Luncheon. The Luncheon is a multi-course dining experience that facilitates personal, hands-on dining etiquette instruction. Click here to learn more and register!

Deluxe Life Skills

Deluxe Life Skills

How often do we experience transformative events that leave us saying: “I remember when…”? Once a year, twenty young women experience a life-changing week at the Inn on the River, located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, mastering skills they will use for a lifetime. Deluxe Life Skills is not just another camp! Deborah King and a team of image, etiquette, and communication experts deliver unparalleled instruction targeted to address the unique needs of each participant at this powerful program. From Introductions to Handshaking, Nonverbal Communication to Networking, Time Management to Electronic Etiquette, and Wardrobe Building to Posture, Deluxe Life Skills delivers practical tools that every woman should have in her arsenal. For a complete list of topics addressed during Deluxe Life Skills, please contact us.

The food and accommodations at the Inn on the River are first-class. Participants practice dining skills at every delicious meal, and the program culminates in a beautiful and memorable Dining Skills Banquet. The Banquet is an elaborate four-course dining experience that facilitates personal, hands-on dining etiquette instruction. Click here to see pictures, video, and learn what women experience at Deluxe Life Skills.

What women say about Final Touch.

What Women say about Final Touch

“I would have never imagined that The Art of Confident Living would have resulted in such great and drastic changes in my life. This class gave me the confidence and the skill set I lacked to advance swiftly in my company and life. I have received several promotions increasing my salary, and I have received three major awards for performance. This is a direct result of competent soft skills - 100%! Soft skills set you apart. Thank you, Deborah, for changing the trajectory of my life!”

Jennifer (Art of Confident Living)
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"You have profoundly and permanently changed every aspect of my life for the better, and I will forever be grateful for it. What you accomplish in the course of a week is truly miraculous!”

Jennifer (Deluxe Life Skills)

"Deborah, I really have to thank you for the confidence, and yes, the power that you gave me in that one day of listening to you. The most liberating thing for me was knowing what I didn't know. I always thought there was this BIG secret that I missed, and that everyone else knew and they secretly laughed at me because I didn't know. [M]y daughter really enjoyed herself also. All I have to say is that [it] is PRICELESS! I would have paid three times that amount for her to hear that information, and we both will see you again. Thanks so much."

Mechale (The Art of Confident Living)

“So often we are told to be confident, and yet we aren’t taught how. Here we learned how to boost our power and be taken seriously without giving up our warmth and approachability. How to hold our chin level with the ground and still smile. This week was about so much more than changing how other people see us, it was about changing how we see ourselves, and how we can take everything we have learned and walk back into the world and navigate it with civility at the heart of everything we do. We learned dining etiquette and how to boost our authority and appearance through our wardrobe. We learned the importance of dressing for our body type, the power of a first impression, and how to make a good and lasting one. We learned how to hold ourselves both visually and in our own esteem. Entering into this experience, I wouldn’t have thought that a week could change a person with any level of depth or permanence. Yet that it what I saw happen in every woman at this camp including myself. Not only has Final Touch given me the beginnings of a myriad of skills, it has instilled in me a desire to keep developing those skills and inspired me to work towards not just a career or a family or a certain social standing but towards becoming the woman I want to be.”

Elissa (Deluxe Life Skills)

"The women's overnight program was a real eye opener. The content Deborah delivered was so much more than thank you cards and dining skills—it was a soft skills boot camp for success. I will be attending another session!"

K. Airey (The Art of Confident Living)

"I truly wish I had had this available to me when I was younger. I am positive it would've made a world of difference in the decisions I made … all of the millions of events I've bowed out of and ways I've limited myself because I felt so truly inept and uncomfortable. I'm going with 'it's never too late to learn'.'"

Anna (The Art of Confident Living)

"Wow!!! Deborah is not just a teacher, she is a coach, a mother, and a genuine person. Due to these reasons, the training sessions felt like motivational, empowering sessions. I did not just learn about civility, social capital, first impressions, personal branding, table etiquette, communication skills and entertaining, my world view was transformed for the better. The course has totally changed the way I feel about myself and the way I present myself to the public, especially in a professional environment. In my everyday life, it has changed how I treat people, how I eat in public, and most of all how I dress to work and other events. For that I say thank you so much."

Christie (The Art of Confident Living)

"Deborah, I have to tell you that I FINALLY understand why the retreat [is] called the "Art of Confident Living." I learned so much and know that I didn't retain all that was covered, but my attitude has changed. I've become more confident. The shift in my attitude has helped me in every single social situation that I've been in since that weekend. I'm forever grateful for the things that you taught me. Thank you!"

Kendall (The Art of Confident Living)

"The week at Final Touch is more than words. Each girl brings a story to tell and instills a part of life to focus on with each other. I will forever be grateful for each conversation, and for each session. The week reminds you of your worth, and brings to attention a much needed focus on etiquette and class. Thank you again for the days at the Inn on the River."

Grace (Deluxe Life Skills)

"I truly enjoyed this past weekend. It was the best thing I could have done for myself and I feel so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful class of ladies. You have such a wonderful gift in how you teach your classes. It is not "stuffy". There is warmth, humor, and it is genuine and real. I wish the class lasted longer! I look forward to Art of Confident Living II."

J.D. (The Art of Confident Living)

"I'm embarking on my new life of confidence! One would think at this stage of life that one would have it all 'together,' but I still felt a need for validation or correction. Your weekend provided that for me and I've been feeling the effects ever since. On several occasions I've had the opportunity to practice my new skills. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts."

Janet (The Art of Confident Living)

"I have gone from half-clueless, half-cultured to a full-blown young lady and have you to thank! Thank you for enthusiastically sharing all (or at least the essentials) of your etiquette knowledge. I feel more confident because I know I’m equipped with the tools to handle most any social situation."

Shyla (The Art of Confident Living)

"Words cannot describe the positive difference the Art of Confident Living Retreat has made in my quest for refinement and excellence. Thank you!"

E.S. (The Art of Confident Living)

"I really enjoyed your class, Deborah, and was fascinated by what you were teaching. I felt like it is things we all think we should know already, but you were showing why it is all so important. I cleaned out my closet and went through all of my clothes. I tried everything on and got rid of anything that did not fit with the personal brand I want others to know me by. I am really excited to get started on my personal development."

C.F. (The Art of Confident Living)

"Upon arriving home Monday, I found myself seeing the world very differently on campus, at home, and at work. I thought about times when I’ve worn clothing to “self-express” which did not fit the context of the occasion and left me unable to achieve the aim I wanted (such as time with a family member or an important interview or a networking opportunity). My clothing was indeed expressing something, but it wasn’t expressing me in a manner that promoted useful connections. I also have the opportunity to attend a career networking opportunity. Networking events can be daunting because of uncertainty and sometimes discomfort while interacting with others. The confidence I feel in myself after the weekend moves from fearing embarrassment to courageously defining 'how I want to be remembered.' In reviewing the event schedule, I noticed a few details. First, there will be time for networking and I thought, “Oh, I know how to do that because we practiced introductions and small talk.” Second, light refreshments will be served and since we practiced holding a small plate and drink in one hand, I can do that part with ease and grace. Third, at the very end of the schedule, I noticed that professional pictures will be taken and since we had gone over the different levels of clothing and proper business attire, not only can I dress for the photos, I can dress for the event. I am deeply thankful for the weekend and look forward to the doors that will open because of these skills. Thank you!"

Heidi (The Art of Confident Living)

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