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Every parent wants the best for their child: confidence, self-esteem, resilience, strong character, and rewarding friendships. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced, technology-driven world, children struggle to effectively relate with others and their social skills are suffering.

30 years of experience with youth has taught us that children with strong social skills thrive and become leaders. Anyone with a teenager knows that sometimes children are more receptive to instruction from anyone other than their parents. Our goal is to come alongside parents and reinforce the critical life skills parents give their children. Our objective is not to teach youth how to “put on their best manners,” but to instead instill the values of kindness and respect through engaging, hands-on, and fun courses.

How do I attend?

If you would like to enroll in a public course for youth, please register online. Looking for a customized solution? Please contact us at (206) 510-5357 to explore how we can support your group with a custom designed course.

Deluxe Life Skills

Deluxe Life Skills

How often do we experience transformative events that leave us saying: “I remember when…”? Once a year, twenty young women experience a life-changing week at the Inn on the River, located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, mastering skills they will use for a lifetime. Deluxe Life Skills is not just another camp! Deborah King and a team of image, etiquette, and communication experts deliver unparalleled instruction targeted to address the unique needs of each participant at this powerful program. From Introductions to Handshaking, Nonverbal Communication to Networking, Time Management to Electronic Etiquette, and Wardrobe Building to Posture, Deluxe Life Skills delivers practical tools that every woman should have in her arsenal. For a complete list of topics addressed during Deluxe Life Skills, please contact us.

The food and accommodations at the Inn on the River are first-class. Participants practice dining skills at every delicious meal, and the program culminates in a beautiful and memorable Dining Skills Banquet. The Banquet is an elaborate four-course dining experience that facilitates personal, hands-on dining etiquette instruction. Click here to see pictures, video, and learn what women experience at Deluxe Life Skills.

Art of Etiquette for Youth Course
Modern Etiquette for Youth
Children who practice kindness and respect have stronger self-esteem, enjoy meaningful friendships, and are viewed as leaders. Although children rarely beg for the opportunity to attend a manners class, the participants of this engaging, hands-on course have fun (really!) and leave wanting more. Today’s youth face new challenges from ever-changing technology, increasingly busy schedules, and constantly shifting social norms. Modern Etiquette for Youth goes beyond how to “put on your best manners,” and instead focuses on instilling the values of kindness and respect in everything we do. Graduates of this course are eager to demonstrate their new skills and share their knowledge with family members.

In this 6.5-hour course, participants will be introduced to a series of Basic Etiquette Skills, including Meetings and Greetings, Conversation Made Easy, First Impressions, Technology Tips, Party Manners, Thank You Notes, and Dining Skills. Participants enjoy our signature Dining Skills Luncheon, which includes a multi-course meal served with step-by-step dining etiquette instruction. Participants also receive our new, full color workbook (available on Amazon) that is designed to support ongoing learning; it includes interactive games, quizzes, and activities to reinforce critical modern social skills after class. Click here to learn more and register!

Young Ladies & Gentlemen - Final Touch Youth Course
Young Ladies & Gentlemen
Children who are well-groomed, well-dressed, and well-mannered enjoy greater confidence and have more friends. Final Touch’s flagship children’s program has been taught around the world, and is now available online. Young Ladies and Gentlemen is designed for children aged 4-10 years old. In an interactive, 6-module program, Mrs. King will guide your child through Basic Etiquette Skills that are rooted in respect for self, others, and property. The modules include games, questions, quizzes, and homework assignments. When your child completes all 6 modules, they receive a certificate of completion and a copy of the Young Ladies and Gentlemen book. Click here to learn more!
What youth experience at Final Touch.

What Youth Experience At Final Touch

“Confidence and an understanding of what you can be in life is what Final Touch accomplishes. At age 18 our precious daughter was ready to venture out into the professional world. She had been given many opportunities from an early age to experience a wide variety of "life". However, we noticed she needed some important person[a]l skills refined. Deborah King's knowledge of image and fine etiquette details gave [our daughter] the perfect abilities to step out and begin her new journey with ease and confidence. Mrs. King thank you for the boost you gave our daughter.”

Lynn & Debbie (Deluxe Life Skills)
More Client Feedback...

“You and your wisdom continue to bless our family. Just this past week we were trying to explain to our 7-year-old the apparent dichotomy of ‘do not worry about what other people think of you, be true to yourself’ and ‘having good manners, because of how other people will feel around you.’ Our daughter who attended Deluxe Life Skills, was able to explain it clearly, ‘Deborah King taught us….’ and then she explained about avoiding drawing attention to oneself (and why!) and various methods for including others, keeping your own integrity intact and so on. It was a very powerful thing. Her dad and I agree that the money we spent this past summer was one of the best investments ever made in her future as well as in our own family’s well-being.”

Dorothy (Deluxe Life Skills)

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the information I learned and I enjoyed meeting you and all the other amazing woman this past weekend. Now that I am back in Chicago I find myself non-stop talking about the program and using the information I learned in my day to day life and during my days as an intern. Without a doubt, attending your school was one of the best things to happen to me. It is extremely hard to put into words just how great you are and how informational the class was. Like I mentioned to you, I told my dad I did not want to ever leave. Regards and a BIG thank you!”

Corinne (Deluxe Life Skills)

“I am delighted to report what a positive difference Deluxe Life Skills has made in the life of my daughter, as well as, the impact on our family dynamics. You were truly able to touch the heart of my daughter and enabled her to see her challenges in a different light, resulting in greater confidence and a brighter outlook all together. For that, I am indebted and so grateful! [My daughter was] willing to engage in conversation and appeared certain she has something to contribute and a readiness to enjoy what others might share without losing herself. What a nugget of gold! Thank you for reaching our daughter in a way we have not been able to as her parents. Of course, mom, dad and siblings enjoyed learning some of the proper behaviors at the dinner table, too. Our family was definitely positively affected upon our daughter’s return and I am so very grateful for you and your program!”

Paula (Deluxe Life Skills)

“I told my daughter and her friend Olivia, they were going to a ‘Manners Camp’. Poor Olivia thought I said ‘Mariners Camp’ for baseball and was aghast when she realized what she was in for. When I picked the girls up three hours later I was amazed! They both were bubbling with information and excitement. We went to lunch and they showed me the correct way to hold their utensils, use their napkins and push in their chairs! I’m happy to say it wasn’t a flash in the pan, they continue to use what they learned. You must be the ‘Mary Poppins’ of manners to make two 9-year-old tomboys so excited!”

Gretchen (Art of Etiquette)

“We ordered the Young Ladies and Gentlemen web course for iPad to use as part of our home school curriculum over the summer for our Kindergarten and Third Grade girls. The modules hold their attention and the quizzes help to reinforce what they learn. The homework is not at all intimidating for my 4 and 7-year-old. They are having so much fun learning and using good manners. I like that when they do something that is not proper etiquette, I ask them, “What would Mrs. King say about that?” and then they start having good manners again. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful program.”

Andrea (Young Ladies and Gentlemen)

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